realTimeFuelCommport Aerospace Services Ltd (CASL)

realTimeFuel™, the flag ship solution from Commport Aerospace Services Ltd (CASL), is a next generation fuel management system providing state of the art fuel inventory control and supply chain management capabilities.  CASL, founded in 1998, is a privately held Canadian company created with the mission and vision to revolutionize the aerospace industry through a special focus on the application and implementation of ecommerce concepts and best practices for fuel management.

By leveraging a combination of integrated hardware and software, realTimeFuel™ interfaces directly with the fuel quantity, quality and density measurement devices to create a comprehensive system capable of managing, tracking and reporting on fuel throughout the custody and supply chain.  Compliance with regulatory requirements such as the EU Emissions Trading System is ensured through the use of densitometers installed directly into the fuel flow enabling accurate, real time capture of actual fuel density for regulatory reporting.  Furthermore, fuel quality is protected through the use of electronic inline quality measurement devices which are capable of stopping the flow if the product quality is deemed to be outside of defined tolerances.

The realTimeFuel™ system is capable of tracking fuellers and uplift requests and upon completion, merges all of the information provided by the various devices located throughout the network into a single reporting data base to support corporate efficiency initiatives and business intelligence analyses.  Transaction and fuel ticket information is made available electronically using custom interfaces or industry standard data formats to any party that needs the information be it an airline, an airport, a fuel company, an Into-Plane Agent, or a regulatory body.

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