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Ammeraal Beltech’s Vital Role in Baggage-Handling Systems.

Ammeraal Beltech is a world leader in process and conveyor belting. You will find our belting products at all the major airports around the world. Our success is based on the fact that we control the full value chain – development, manufacturing, fabrication, sales, distribution and service – in close co-operation with our customers, suppliers and other partners.

Ammeraal Beltech supports airports with high-quality reliable conveying solutions and services for their baggage-handling systems, to meet safe transport demands for luggage and other goods, without delay and in minimum connecting time.

From Check-In to Baggage Reclaim

The Ammeraal Beltech Airport and Logistic belting range is the advanced proven energy-saving and cost-efficient belt standard available on the market.

As a long-time partner to the worldwide aviation industry, we help guarantee safe and reliable transfer of baggage, avoiding excessive costs associated with re-routing baggage that misses its flight. We provide belting solutions for all processes, from Check-In to Baggage Reclaim and everything in between.

At Ammeraal Beltech, we understand what downtime means to baggage-handling systems – we know that the increased costs to throughput can destroy the profitability of an airport. That is why we make reliability and service our hallmarks.

Energy-Saving Concept Energy-Saving Concept

Our newest belting product improvements support the energy efficiency and sustainability requirements of a truly modern airport. This is just part of our tradition of innovation – for many years, we have supplied low-noise belting solutions for use in public areas to guarantee a more relaxed travel experience in airports.  

Our specialised knowledge and expertise could help increase the productivity and reliability of nearly any baggage handling system anywhere. Global city airports and baggage handling system providers around the world have already recognised our company as an experienced and innovative service-oriented belting supplier offering dedicated project management, round-the-clock customer performance support, and custom-designed engineering capabilities. At present, our products are busy handling more than 50,000 pieces of baggage per hour at speeds of to 12 m/s in airports across the globe, and they’re doing it with tried and tested energy efficiency.

Airport Baggage Belting Solutions

With increasing demand for international air travel, airports are expanding to accommodate yet more passengers. They are increasing both in size and in flight capacity, necessitating faster movement of passengers, luggage and cargo. Belting solutions from Ammeraal Beltech are facilitating this growth by providing original equipment manufacturers with reliable and efficient systems which can be used in a variety of systems throughout the airport industry.

Logistics and Mail Belt Systems

Sorting and transporting airmail and parcels through an airport can be a complicated process, but it is vital that each item reaches the right area so it can be loaded onto the right flight. Ammeraal Beltech's logistics and mail belt systems help ensure that every package reaches the correct cargo bay on time.

On-time arrival is crucial, but so is damage prevention. Airports handle billions of parcels and airmail each year, so a reliable solution which protects the items it transports is paramount. Our logistics and mail belt systems provide a smooth run, preventing any jostles or bumps and protecting the load on the belt. Our belts also have a number of other safety features (such as flame-retardant materials) which are essential in all airport operations. One-Stop Belt Shop

One-Stop Belt Shop

The One-Stop Belt Shop promise means that Ammeraal Beltech can provide their customers with everything they need, under one roof and from one supplier. This is not only more convenient, saving our customers valuable time better spent on other operations, but it also helps significantly reduce purchasing and logistics expenditures.

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