Special Reports

The key aim of our Special Reports is to provide users with an unparalleled depth of information on specialist subjects, which receive limited coverage in the mainstream airport media. Each report contains subject specific technical information, independent data, analysis and opinion, and other advanced content and draws on the expertise of internationally recognised key opinion leaders, award winning journalists and leading industry commentators.

Designed to facilitate debate and written to the highest professional standards, our Special Reports include:

  • Unbiased Editorial Content: Expert and authoritative analysis from award winning journalists and leading industry commentators

  • Thought Leadership: Advice and guidance from internationally recognised key opinion leaders.

  • Peer Input: Contributions from senior personnel and airport industry professionals.

  • Supplier Provided Content: Technical papers, webinars, videos, research reports and other content provided by leading suppliers to address key issues and challenges facing the global airport industry.

Delivered online, via our user-friendly web platform our Special Reports are designed to provide users with the facts, figures, data, analysis and opinion they need to make informed decisions and do their jobs more effectively.

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