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Europoles GmbH & Co. KG

Europoles GmbH & Co. KGEuropoles is Europe’s leading manufacturer of masts, columns and structural systems. We offer standard and special solutions as well as turnkey systems including all services from consulting to dismantling. We use proven and innovative technologies and materials of concrete, steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic.

We distinguish ourselves through years of experience, high technical expertise and in managing complex projects in close cooperation with our customers and partners.

Our customers come from industry, the public sector, construction and trade. We serve the infrastructure markets for traffic, energy and telecommunications and realise applications in lighting as well as structural engineering. We are always available wherever our customers need us and are extending our focus from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa to attractive markets worldwide.

In the future we intend to constantly expand our strong market position by focusing on our core competencies and by continuously improving our efficiency and flexibility.

Type of organisation

GmbH & Co. KG


Designers, manufacturers and service providers for infrastructure technology

Established in

1894. More than 120 years of experience
A member company of VTC Industrieholding GmbH (


> 200 Mio. Euro


approx. 1,400

Geographical footprint

Europe, Middle East, Africa, active in more than 60 countries around the world


Poles, towers, columns, carrier systems, piles, lowerable systems


Standard products, custom solutions, turnkey systems, general contractor


Consultancy, planning, structural engineering inspections, soil surveys, location planning and acquisition, building approvals, liaising with regulatory and local authorities, documentation, designs, verifiable structural engineering calculations, lighting calculations, project management, site management, warehousing, large and small volume logistics, just-in-time deliveries, road construction, foundations, assembly, installation, construction services, technical services (electricals, power, climate control, lightning protection), inspection, maintenance/servicing, repairs/overhauls, retrofits/rebuilds, dismantling, disposal

Plant construction

Factory planning, technology optimisation, special structural engineering

Materials & technologies

  • Concrete: prestressed, ultra-high strength spun concrete
  • Steel: solid wall steel, laser welding, steel construction
  • FRP: fiberglass-reinforced plastic (centrifugal process)
  • Hybrid solutions: concrete + steel, concrete + GRP, steel + GRP
  • Special coatings: powder, DCC, anti-poster, anti-graffiti, design-print, UV resistance

Markets/applications & customers:

  • Transport (rail, road, airports, sea ports): Catenary systems for urban mass transit and mainline services, boom gates, sign gantries, signal poles, traffic light poles, camera poles, airport approach lights, glide path transmitter masts, wind measurement masts, public transport companies, rail companies, motorway authorities, towns & municipalities, construction companies/general contractors
  • Energy: LV, MV, HV and ultra-high voltage transmission poles, pylons with no-concrete foundations (replacement for wooden poles, ribbed poles); Distribution network operators, transmission network operators
  • Telecommunications: Antenna carriers, rooftop sites, inhouse supply, sector antennae installation & calibration, directional antennae installation & calibration, systems technology installation & commissioning, network integration base stations, technology swap & software updates [GSM, UMTS, LTE, Tetra]; Mobile phone companies, BOS (German security authorities and organisations), rail companies, industrial enterprises
  • Lighting: Outdoor lighting, street lighting, car park lighting, tunnel lighting, station lighting, track lighting, apron lighting, terminal lighting, port lighting, sports field lighting, decorative building lighting; Towns & municipalities, luminaire manufacturers, electrical wholesalers, electrical installers, industrial enterprises, construction companies
  • Structural engineering & custom designs: Advertising masts, sport entertainment/ video cubes, flagpoles, architectural columns (buildings, facades, rooms), claddings/camouflage solutions, special purpose design masts, drilled piles, energy-efficient piles (industrial cooling, process cooling, building air conditioning), independent power supply (wind, solar, fuel cell), small wind power plants, lightning conductors, special applications (electrical charging stations, safety poles etc.); Construction companies, planners, architects, public authorities, industrial enterprises
  • Coatings: Poles, lights, metal construction, automotive, infrastructure/street furniture, interior fittings, gates/fences


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