Evergreen Aviation

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Evergreen Aviation is a leading provider of Aviation Grade Artificial Turf, AGAT, worldwide. We are the distributor of AGAT for airports in Scandinavia, UK, North Atlantics, MENA, and several European, African and Asian countries as well.  Since we were founded in 2009, Evergreen Aviation has developed a number of new applications for AGAT, including the AGAT Helipad, which was designed for military and civil aviation use in the US.


It is our mission for AGAT to be the first choice of groundcover for airport’s secondary surfaces and groundcover for landing strips and helipads.

About Evergreen Aviation

Evergreen Aviation supplies airports with the airfield groundcover, AGAT – a synthetic turf designed for airports, landing strips and helipads. Evergreen Aviation provides safety and efficiency to airports worldwide through a large number of different applications.

The specific applications needed to increase safety and optimize operation time and maintenance are different from airport to airport. With our experience within artificial turf, aviation and civil engineering, we are able to offer a yet unexploited possibility of optimizing security, increasing efficiency and environmental improvements. We provide consultancy, installation, service and maintenance. We strive to use local manpower, equipment and materials in order to educate and minimize environmental impact.

About AGAT

AGAT is a synthetic turf filled with silica sand, which creates a unique permanent surface cover. AGAT is a future proof, innovative solution with numerous advantages for installation in leading airports around the world. AGAT minimizes operational costs and improves security by reducing FOD, erosion, bird strikes, noise and maintenance.

The components are 100% recyclable, UV and chemical resistant, and they leave minimal environmental impact when compared with asphalt and concrete, which permanently pollute the natural infill.

It has been approved for extreme weather conditions, from -72C to +65C. Ice and snow can be removed without damaging the turf, and without the need for de-icers. The coloured UV resistant fibre of the turf repels water, so that the colours of the turf can be clearly seen in any light setting.

Our solutions are thoroughly tested in laboratories and at airports all over the world.

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