FAUDI Aviation

Founded in 1938 FAUDI Aviation looks back next year at experiences from 80 years of company history.

FAUDI Aviation GmbH operates worldwide and is a highly specialized manufacturer of filtration equipment for commercial and military aviation fuels. The newest development is a 2 inch filter water separator according EI 1581 6th edition, which is – compared to the common ones – light weight, small and best suited to replace monitor filters with same flow capacity due to its very compact design. In addition to the new filter development FAUDI serves the aviation market with state of the art sensor technology like the IFQP recommended and EI 1598 approved AFGUARD® or the new bulk water sensor SLUGGUARD® according EI 1592.

Products & Services

Filter vessels and elements:

  • Filter Water Separators acc. to EI 1581 6 th edition
  • Micro Filter acc. to EI 1590 2nd edition
  • Filter Monitors acc. to EI 1583 6th edition
  • Sieve basket strainers
  • Clay filters
  • as well for diesel applications

Sensor technologies:

  • AFGUARD® for detecting of free water in ppm values acc. EI 1598
  • DPGUARD® for calculation the corrected differential pressure on filter vessels acc. JIG, ATA, IFQP
  • SONICGUARD® for contactless monitoring of water levels in water sumps of filter vessels
  • dp-SWITCH for monitoring the maximal allowed differential pressure on filter vessels acc. to JIG Bulletin No. 58
  • SLUGGUARD® for media differentiation and bulk water detection acc. EI 1592
  • DRAINGUARD®-sump for automated water sump drainage and water slug protection acc. ATA 103,
  • WTS Water Treatment System – for the recovery of water being contaminated with solid particulates and hydrocarbon phases like fuel that needs to be separated from the water before it can be discharged to surface of water drains


  • Train-The-Trainer-Seminars for executives in the fuel processing and refueling of airplanes
  • Consulting in design and operation of filter systems
  • Seminars to become a member of the certified servicer or certified installer network

Contact person at the company
FAUDI Aviation GmbH
Mr. Matthias Aden
Phone: +49 (0) 6428 4465 – 212
Fax:     +49 (0) 6428 4465 – 221
E-Mail: sensor@faudi-aviation.com
Web:    www.faudi-aviation-sensor.com