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HappyOrNot (www.happy-or-not.com) is the company responsible for creating the globally-recognizable ‘Smiley’ feedback system. With over 25,000 physical ‘Smiley Terminals’ in airports, office spaces, and retail outlets around the world, the company generates employee and customer feedback data on an unprecedented scale.

Servicing more than 4,000 clients in 117 countries, HappyOrNot presents and packages customer and employee feedback data (visualized as a four point scale from ‘smile’ to ‘frown’) so that organizations can tweak specific aspects of their service in accordance with what customers and staff actually want. Founded in 2009 and with first terminals installed in 2010, the company, which employs 80 people, has recorded over half a billion responses to date.

Headquartered in Tampere, Finland, with a US office in Florida and a global reseller network of over 110 companies, HappyOrNot is already being utilized by thousands of clients in every continent: from Microsoft to McDonalds; London Heathrow Airport to LinkedIN; British National Health Service (NHS) to IKEA. Companies across the world are installing physical terminals - or utilizing the online equivalent within their websites - to gauge the satisfaction of customers, staff, and visitors.

Turn Feedback into a Measurable KPI with HappyOrNot

Happy Or NotFeedback collecting Smileys

The globally-recognized and trusted 4 Smileys capture the satisfaction levels of your customer and employee experience in just seconds. The Smiley feedback solution makes collecting and analyzing feedback so easy, you save time and energy to focus on making measurable and successful improvements.

Smiley Touch™
The stylish, touchscreen Smileys are the easiest and most effective way to discover the reason behind your customers’ dissatisfaction. Follow-up selection and open feedback options help you find out exactly what elements of your service are causing dissatisfaction so you can make improvements, quickly.

Smiley Terminals ™
The “press of a Smiley” feedback collecting solution helps you collect maximum feedback with its exceptional ease of use and approachability. Capture your customers’ perceptions of your service performance at the exact time and point-of-experience.

Web Smileys™
Measure the user experience of your online services with the perfect addition for collecting online customer feedback. Web Smiley panels on your webpage capture the user experiences quickly and with ease.

Happy Or Not Data AnalyticsData Analytics

Included is the web-based Reporting Service which helps you track and manage your performance by transforming your feedback into data analytics that are clear and actionable. Intuitive charts and graphs help you pinpoint issues and uncover causes, and trending data makes measuring and validating your improvement actions effortless.

Quick View gives you an instant overview of your key performance results summarized in easy-to-understand, informative widgets. It helps you focus on the most important information, and save time getting it.

Analytics displays your feedback results in interactive charts and graphs, enabling you to research long-term trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.

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