Indra Navia

Indra Navia

Indra Navia designs, produces, and integrates cutting-edge communication, navigation, and tower systems for the world’s leading airports and air traffic control organizations. Specializing in highly customized solutions, the company delivers outstanding long-term value under the most demanding conditions. More than 1200 airports around the world rely on GAREX, NORMARC and InNOVA for its reliability, proven track-record and low lifecycle cost. Indra Navia is a Norwegian-based subsidiary of Indra Sistemas S.A.

Indra Sistemas

Indra Sistemas is a leading European IT & Defense company with over 100 years’ experience in ATM.

Indra’s ATC, Surveillance Systems, and Airports Systems are operational in all continents, in over 160 countries with over 4,000 ATM system installations.

The extensive product portfolio of Indra includes forefront technology applications of  ATM Automation systems for en-route, approach and airport control, as well as A-SMGCS and Remote Towers solutions, GAREX and COMETA Voice Communication Systems, the NORMARC Navaids (ILS, DVOR, DME and GBAS), Surveillance systems (PSR, MSSR mode S, SMR, ADS-B, MLAT and WAM) and Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS, AIM, SWIM and AMHS).

Indra provides country-wide systems on a turnkey basis, having 40,000 employees all over the world, a local presence in 46 countries, investing 6-8% of annual revenue in R&D and playing a leading role in SESAR.

Indra is one of the world's top consulting and technology companies, the leader in IT in Spain, and the advanced technology partner for core business operations of its customers everywhere. It offers a comprehensive range of proprietary solutions and cutting-edge services with a high added value in technology, which adds to a unique culture that is reliable, flexible and adaptable to its clients’ needs. Indra is a world leader in the development of end-to-end technology solutions in fields such as Defense and Security; Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Telecommunications and Media, Financial Services, Electoral Processes, and Public Administrations and Healthcare.

Through its Minsait unit, it addresses the challenges of digital transformation. In 2016 Indra posted revenues of €2,709m and had a workforce of 34,000 professionals, a local presence in 46 countries, and sales operations in more than 160 countries. Following its acquisition of Tecnocom, Indra's combined revenues amounted to more than €3,200m in 2016 with a team of nearly 40,000 professionals.