TKH Aiprort Solutions

Induperm has been Denmark‘s leading manufacturer of Airfield Ground Lighting products and systems since 1969 and is now operating the Hella Airport Lighting business after having been acquired by the Dutch TKH Group in August 2016. Under the TKH Airport Solutions brand, Induperm is providing a comprehensive range of Airfield Ground Lighting products. It includes powerful, highly reliable top of the range LED lighting products as well as future-proof smart technologies called CEDD® to better power and communicate with the LED lights. This new technology has been developed by Use System Engineering BV, another member of the TKH Group and a provider of intelligent technological solutions based in The Netherlands.

Fresh innovation with a long tradition

Benefitting from the strong LED experience of Hella in Germany in the highly demanding automotive sector, our engineers have pioneered the LED developments in the Airfield Ground Lighting industry. Our innovative systems are introducing a new way to power and communicate with LED lights, ensuring more safety and efficiency on the airfield, lower installation and maintenance costs and improved asset management capabilities.

Leading the way with the largest installed base of LED runways

HELLA Induperm has been leading the way with currently the largest installed base of LED Runways and significant partnerships with major airports around the world. Thanks to the solid Hella experience and heritage, Induperm is becoming the LED expert in Airfield Ground Lighting with a best in class production in Denmark.

CEDD®: A Bright Future for the Airfield Ground Lighting

CEDD® is the revolutionary connectivity system for the Airfield Ground Lighting that makes installation and management easier than ever before. We use an innovative technology called CEDD® (Contactless Energy & Data Distribution) based on a safe, inductive system without any galvanic contact. CEDD® provides power and data via one cable, reducing installation efforts and improving system safety, thus overcoming the limitations of “traditional” AGL systems.

Time for Disruptive Technologies and Solutions to Make Light Work

TKH has established its position in Airfield Ground Lighting by combining a market-leading LED AGL portfolio developed in Germany, and produced in Denmark by Induperm with an exciting new powering and communication technology developed by its subsidiary USE System Engineering in the Netherlands. The perfect combination of those disruptive technologies is providing a very efficient, safe and smart solution to face the most challenging operational demand on future airports.

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