Point FWD

Point FWD is a small, highly specialized AVSEC consultancy firm, based at Amsterdam airport Schiphol. Founded in 2011 by Gunther van Adrichem, it has grown into a consultancy company with a varied customer base. Point FWD offers smart, innovative solutions to complex problems for governments, international aviation organizations, airports and manufacturers worldwide. Point FWD specializes in two things: the smart use of data generated by security checkpoints and the research of new technologies.

Complex problems often need a solution that is not found following the road most traveled, at Point FWD we are not afraid to take the leap into the deep end of the pool in order to bring a project to a successful end. Extensive knowledge and experience combined with a good dosage of creativity has made Point FWD the preferred consultancy company for a broad group of partners.

At Point FWD we are specialized in two types of services, Advisory and Data handling services. Founded on extensive operational knowledge our aviation security advisory projects are the main focus of Point FWD. Evolving from these advisory projects the data handling services were started, the offered data handling packages were created with the final user in mind and are focused on usability and effectiveness. Please see below for more information about these services or feel free to contact us for more information.

For a live demonstration of our business intelligence tools and dashboards we request you to contact us at support@pointfwd.com.

Advisory services
Our advisory services form the core of Point FWD, it is the reason the company was founded; to share our knowledge and help clients move forward and improve their own processes and operation. The client list has steadily grown and so have the provided services, we now offer a wide range of high quality and specialized services that have proven to be extremely helpful to our clients.

We focus on:

  • Regulatory advice - Through our experience and collaboration with legislative entities, we are up-to-date with current and future legislation
  • Implementation advice - Our team consist of engineers that all have extensive field experience, we know the inner workings of the equipment and understand their limitations and capabilities.
  • Airport logistics – Our expertise on aviation processes are put to work in logistical projects, we have helped clients around the globe improve processes.
  • Workshops - A fresh pair of eyes and a creative approach can help solve many challenges, we are not afraid to move away from the beaten track to find a suitable solution and are confident we can help you.

Data handling services
Our belief is that decisions are best made when supported by data, valuable operational data, so as a result over time our data handling tools were developed. This development was often a way to support our advisory work, to prove our reasoning and explain our advice. However, the tools have come to a point where they are stand-alone data handling tools for security checkpoints; ranging from analysis to design and compliancy.

Our data handling suit consist of:

  • Checkpoint measurement tool - We have developed our in-company measurement tool for Windows tablets, this enables us to visit your airport and generate comprehensive data on your process.
  • Checkpoint analysis tool - The checkpoint analysis tool enables you to easily gain insight and keep track of your KPI’s. We use existing data to create a comprehensive overview of your security checkpoint.
  • Checkpoint assessment tool - The assessment tool is designed to reveal any possible bottlenecks within the process, limiting factors will be clear and can be dealt with successfully.
  • Compliancy monitoring tool - The TIP dashboard automates the whole TIP compliancy process, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information about Point FWD, the team or the provided services feel free to visit us at www.pointfwd.com or contact us at: support@pointfwd.com

We are located at:
Stationsplein NO 336
Gebouw 144, 3rd floor
1117CK Schiphol
The Netherlands