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About the developers of RAY™

Serva Transport Systems GmbH is based in the town of Grabenstätt-Chiemsee in Bavaria. With the development of the fully automated parking robot RAY™, the company decided to address the issues of rising demand in parking space, largely increasing land prices and time consuming search for parking spaces by providing an innovative system. For their breakthrough invention of “Park service of the future”, Serva Transport Systems GmbH was honoured with the nomination for the German Founder Award in 2013. With Audi and Düsseldorf Airport, Serva Transport Systems GmbH counts some the of the most internationally renowned mobility companies amongst its clients.

The idea originated within a team of German engineers, when today’s Managing Directors and former school buddies Rupert Koch and Leopold Meirer paid each other a visit. Meirer was then working in the USA and knew that the conventional conveyer belts, used for vehicles at the time, often jammed, paralysing the entire facility for hours. Working in logistics, Koch on the other hand had in depth knowledge about driverless transportation systems (DTS) for the beverage industry. Combining each other’s knowledge and know-how lead to the original concept of an unchained and thereby fail-proof transportation system which would move vehicles instead of beverage crates. A persuasive vision.

Addressing car park operators, fleet managers and logisticians in the automotive industry alike, the promises to implement “comfortable efficient parking” and “automatically storing more” are supported by a wide and comprehensive range of services. In the preparatory phase, these include feasibility analysis, scenario simulation for performance ascertainment and planning of implementation. During the implementation phase, Serva Transport Systems will manage the adaptation of hardware and software to existing conditions and assume the project management. Continuous operation following the implementation is also carefully maintained. A high level of safety is guaranteed thanks to RAY™ being CE certified according to the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as well as its redundant design. The service program is complemented with staff training, proactive maintenance and a 365 day overhaul guarantee.

The tried and tested use of RAY™ in Audi plants and at Dusseldorf Airport proves that the “future of parking” is already our present. The intelligent factory and the maximum degree of capacity utilisation of valuable floor space are a reality. Fully automated parking robots are ready for use for all types of vehicles from small cars such as the Smart to luxury class cars such as the BMW 7 series or Audi A8. RAY™ even goes beyond the achievement of autonomous parking as the driver does not need to look for a space. In addition, RAY™ will park with absolute precision and with complete safety. Yet another advantage that the trendsetting parking system has over most drivers finding themselves under time pressure in the stressful and hectic environment of an airport or a city.

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