STOKOTA nv - Aviation Fuelling Vehicles


STOKOTA is a Belgian manufacturer, established in 1963 and specializes in aircraft refuelling vehiclesroad tankers and industrial cleaning units (vacuum/pressure/combi).

After being in business for over 50 years Stokota has truly become an international manufacturer and supplier of industrial vehicles and logistic solutions.

The STOKOTA group offers a wide range of aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers for both commercial aircraft refuelling as for military applications. Our engineering department focusses on the development and manufacturing of aviation fuelling vehicles that work efficiently, have good ergonomics and a high safety level.

The key points during development are use of advanced technology, safety, ergonomics, easy handling, easy maintenance and testing, clean design and a high build quality. Using the latest technology allows us to build light constructions without losing quality or safety.

STOKOTA is well known for the close contact with its customers. Through Customer Specific Design, we try to find the best compromise between our customer’s wishes and a well thought out design.

The use of 3D design and Finite Elements Analysis allow us to build light constructions without losing quality or safety levels.

STOKOTA offers a variety of aviation fuelling vehicles

Aircraft refuellers
Bowser + trailer

Hydrant dispensers
Standard or low profile
Low or high flow
Hydrant carts, “solar powered”

Other GSE
Hydrant pit cleaner/ flushers
Fuelling stairs
Drain carts
Bridger tank trucks

  • Various tank sizes available (10m³, 18m³, 25m³, 35m³, 40m³, 65m³ and 85m³);
  • Flow rates from low-flow up to 4.000 l/min;
  • Various executions also available in low-profile execution (2.6 or 2.8m);
  • All delivered vehicles are constructed with respect to all relevant standards
    • JIG latest issue, EN 12312-5+A1, EN 1915, ADR, machine directive, …

Please consult our sales team to discuss your application!


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